OMANU Technology

Collage of movements.
Movement is a spectrum of colors.
Colors range in continuous eights.
This is OMANU Technology.
Movement originates from sound and creates sound.
By sound and motion to matter.
Matter is a materialized technology of life if implemented by the ANU.

OM – Original Sound of the Creator, from the Source to the Source.
ANU – alive, living, human.

Mediator – Medium OMANU.

Life emerges from Life.

OMANU – The One who always (all) survives (in the ancient egyptian way)

OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology


OMANU is the Original Living Energy necessary for functioning on the principles of the strongest creating force in the Multiverse.


OMANU is possession of Knowledge about implosion, antigravity, antimatter, Knowledge of controlling Spatial Energy. Knowledge about constructing the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. Knowledge about acquiring Knowledge. OMANU is Knowledge of the Humanoid race.


OMANU is all. OMANU is the Source itself and the manifestation of the Source, Antimatter, Matter and Light and Sound. Energy. Original being (Original Being is OMANU; Swastika – Sonar is OMANU – Original Being from Sound, Light. Anu. Body.). Black Sun. Zero Point. Heart. Time. Space. The Field. The Sphere. Swastika – The Universal Law and Principle. Perpetuum mobile.
OMANU is the Universal Machine that functions in all aggregate states. Aircraft (OMANU, Vimana). Sonar. OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB). Crystal Black Energy Body of Swastika’s. Vril. Driving Force. Propulsion Power (of the Universe). Basic structural supstance of the Universe – Monatomic gold (Arya Cetas). Bioplasm. OMANU Body is a nuclear reactor.
OMANU is Meta/Physics, Mathematics, Architecture, Bioelectronics, …, Operating System. Pyramid. Multidimensionality. Dzogchen. OMMIISS WW. Werkraft. Method One. The Original Technology. 



This technology is discovered by entering Method One and with the installation of the Human Sonar System. How is OMANU developed? What is OMANU? OMANU Knowledge is contained in the Knowledge of the Sonar. What is the Sonar? The Technology of Atlantis. In the end, the Sonar is s Human being. It is a central mechanism of self-regulation and self-control. Sonar is the Biocomputer. Human Sonar System is OMANU Technology. Bioelectronic machine. You receive and send through it. You become a superconscious antenna, emitter. OMANU Technology shows the strength of the Heart. The Heart Sonar shows the adequate way of using the body.


OMANU is Knowledge about Life and how Life functions.

OMANU Technology – technology for awareness of the physical body’s role and the connection of Body and Technology. OMANU Technology is Quantum technology and quantum means that it disposes with Space.

Method One Scientific Training Procedure is the installation of OMANU Technology in the human body.

Method One OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology
Method One Disclosure (

Method One (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) is OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology. It is a specific, provable science that 3D doesen't know and doesen't understand because it doesen't have the capability of entering the Zero Point and thus nor the posibility of proving it. This science proves itself with a direct introduction of an individual into the Zero Point Field. The Mediator is the one who is the embodied Field, he is the Source of the Field and thus he maneuvers the capability and the technology that exits the boundaries of this dimension. The Mediator is the only one who can, inside another human body, group, civilization, install, build and establish the Mechanism of the Law of One which is the Swastika which is the Law and Principle of the Universe. His body is the System of the Swastika.

The Mediator acts with a force that is beyond our dimension (seemingly beyond, from the Universe – HIGHER POWER – New physical force – The Swastika). He conducts the Universe through Himself to the other person. Phi Sound.

The Mediator has brought the Knowledge of Direct Transformation.

Method One Training Procedure can not be described although many texts have been written about the Procedure and Method One. All of that are information that lead towards the final decision to accept Method One. Method One is for now a secret esoteric knowledge that the Mediator transfers verbally and with direct action towards the seeker – transmission and installation. It is an unfathomable level for the brain so there is no describing, explaining and discussion about high levels of Method One. The information is enough that the Mediator disposes with Total Knowledge and that the path of awakening is different for everyone. No written rule. Action of the Mediator and information from the very Center are the most efficient method of self-development therefore it is the most valuable and the most expensive part of the education.

Method One Scientific Training Procedure in the Zero Point Field – OMANU Training – Meta/Physics

Method One Scientific Training Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) is a metaphysical procedure which is being executed in the dimension of the Zero Point Field, i.e. outside of the Matrix dimension. Procedures of metaphysical training, as well as the introduction of the body in the Zero Point Field, are physical and extreme. Method One Scientific Training Procedure in the Zero Point Field is science which is the integral branch of Metaphysics of the Zero Point Field. Each, i.e. all segments of the Zero Point Field are simultaneously a separate and total part of Science in the Zero Point Field which is Science of the Zero Point Field itself – (and) theory and praxis. Method One Scientific Training Procedure in the Zero Point Field, as a metaphysical branch, is a completely new and beyond dimensional principle which includes all laws and principles of the Matrix dimensional wall breakthrough with the Body.

Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology – Phase shift into the Zero Point Field

Method One Technology – Precognitics 88 Processing Technology – Total Unification

    – Installation of the Zero Point – Swastika of the Universe inside the body

The body is a technological weapon of the 21st century. The Human Body is the most powerful technology when introduced into the Zero Point Field. This is OMANU Technology » OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

Method One Technology Know-how

Application of Knowledge demands a completely Open Heart.

A moment of accepting the Impulse of the Heart’s Zero Point initiates the Transfer, Installation, Compression, Derivation, Synthesis and Application of Knowledge. It is a Feeling for Energy and Life.

The Mediator emits the Zero Point State. The Mediator has the ability to compress all Knowledge and Abilities. He conducts the Zero Point Field through his Body, therefore he is the source of Vril Energy and the gateway into Multidimensionality. This is the explanation why Method One Training Procedure transcends all ways of memorizing data and self-development technologies in 3D.

Method One is a continuously progressive method. Every Information received in the Field and from the Field is alive, an Energy impact of the Zero Point beacuse it is charged with Vril.

Phi signal or Energy impact of the Zero Point Field is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Physics of the Zero Point Field – Quantum physics Physics of the Body

New Science – Multidimensional Method One | Science about the Body

Installation and descending of the Zero Point Field Dimension to the physical 3D level

Method One demolishes all misconceptions about the functions of the human body and physical 3D laws. Demolishment of current postulates in physics unlocks all abilities of the human body. New physics, new postulates begin from the human body. Runes are Science about the Body. The first thing that went wrong is changing physical laws from the outside.

By changing the body, gravity is reduced, … Only the liberation from gravity allows you the view that goes beyond the limited atmosphere. Merely giving in to gravity does not hold the water compressed. Separated elements – incompatibility of the aggregate state. This is also the consequence of pressure. Due to the creation of a strong magnetic field, the aggregate states of elements are possible to achieve only beyond the belt of its action. The human body has been placed in controlled conditions – Matrix. It naturaly contains all in itself, i.e., out of a single element the human body produces all. That element is MONOATOMIC GOLD (ARYA CETAS). With the combination of Monoatomic gold all structures are created, all aggregate states and all elements that have been discovered so far and those that are yet to be discovered (combinations). Combinatorics is a game of Superconsciousness and all-possibilities.

The Mediator Method One demonstrates, doesn't only talk about theory and possibilities, yet introduces into praxis.

The Mediator awakens Awareness about the Zero Point Field. Method One descends the Zero Point Field to the 3D physical level.


(excerpt from Book of the Universal Law – Metaphysics – The Law from the Law of One/Crystal Biophysics)

Swastika of the Universe | Perpetuum mobile

Force of the Universe | Physics of the Universe

The basis of Method One is integration (installation) of the Swastika – Sonar (Human Sonar).
The Mediator installs the Swastika. This is the Initial Phase and foundation of Method One Training Procedure and progress. In the moment of Swastika’s integration, you have received the complete Method One. This means – you have received the complete System. The System is the Law of One. With that, the Center of the Zero Point Field has been installed and its operation begins.

Method One is the knowledge about Perpetuum mobile. The Perpetuum mobile mechanism is located in the Heart. The Swastika – Sonar is Perpetuum mobile in the Heart – Impulse of the Creator inside you – a perfect rotational mechanism that awakens Knowledge and Abilities. Swastika – the Law and Principle of the Universe. OMANU.

This Knowledge about the Body is the basis for the construction of OMANU Technology.

The Swastika maintains the statics of the body. Statics of the body – statics of the space – OMANU statics – Perpetuum mobile.

Swastika is a connector with the Zero Point Field – Field of Energy. Swastika is formed Energy. Swastika is the materialized body of the Zero Point Field. The Mediator Method One synchronizes the Human being with the Force of the Universe by installing the Swastika, the Mechanism of Rotation. In such way the Knowledge about Energy, Force is being brought back to the human.

The Universe lowered into the human body. The Swastika transforms the body by introducing it into the Zero Point Field.

New physical force – Force of the Universe, Heart which is the Swastika in the Heart.

Alive Swastika – Alive Body is the Living Swastika inside the body is Knowledge is Science and Religion and Existence is embodiment of the Source of Creation and the sole essence of that what the in fact Creator is.

Living essence of all matter is integrated in you. Sonar Swastika – Method One.
Inside The Swastika there is a new Swastika. The Wheel of Justice – Law of One.


Metafitness = central segment of self-improvement (basic discipline) in Method One – strengthening the Heart, Mind, Body in the Runic way (Metabuilding). Metafitness is the Compressed Essence of Method One. In Method One everything is compressed.

Metafitness introduces into the metaphysical state of the body – State of the Universe – original state of life.

Metafitness = Meta-Existence

Metafitness | Powerbuilding

Matrix Training | Space and spatial simultaneity

Matrix Training begins from the first moment upon entering into the Method One Procedure.
The greatest value of the Method One Procedure is the (constructed) New Energy Body. Most, without any difficulties, feel the experience of the Energy Body, but after that they don’t know what to do with it, what is it used for, why is it received, how and when to use it. For that reason the Mediator designed a special education and training for acquiring the New Energy Body. All preliminary and initial phases of the Procedure are used for conditioning the body, strengthening the Heart’s capacity (Metafitness) and therefore the concentration necessary to consciously and knowingly access into the Matrix Training. Today, no one has the Condition of the Zero Point, i.e. there is no strength or capacity of the Heart that would detect harmful impacts in the space. If you do not feel something then you cannot have a reaction, but insensibility doesn’t mean that this influence doesn’t exist and it doesn’t affect you and your life.

Space and spatial simultaneity

Direct experience of the Matrix Training is the space around you and inside you. Absolute Consciousness about the body, about the space and about all other bodies in the space is being awoken for the first time. The perception is being opened that there is a point of action (the Zero Point) from which one acts in an uninterrupted and non-separated moment through the entire space, i.e. Multidimensionality which means that action arisen from that point doesn’t create reprecussions in some future moment. Also, Knowledge is being awoken that each action in any moment has an impact on the space we see, but it also has an impact on infinite spaces of the entire Universe. Body constructed in the Zero Point Field is a rightful being of the Universe which is by no means limited, not even with the spatio - temporal border of this dimension in which it’s physically located. That’s the essence of the Matrix Training. Direct maneuvering with the space, i.e. with your body which is the space.
Thus, spatial simultaneity is a declaration of the Law of One according to which you are being given the right to existence and your personal space.
A being, in some way trapped in the spatio - temporal matrix, cannot understand its own natural rights as well as the correct way of functioning. This originality is being given back by the Mediator and the managing with new possibilities begin through the Matrix Training.

The legal act about the Body is the natural law.

The Space Center – Total Compression Procedure | Metaphysics vs. physics – Metaphysics into Physics

Force of the Universe vs. Force of the Matrix


Force of the Matrix equivalent = 1 human body which is made up of billions of human bodies
Force of the Universe equivalent = 1 Human Body (Mediator)
Force of the Universe > Force of the Matrix (1 000 000 000:1)
How is it at all possible that the Matrix exists? It is possible if the One who starts the battle 1 to 1 doesn’t exist – the battle for the Body. Until then the deception of the Matrix is undiscovered.

Now we know who maintains the Matrix. The question remains who devised it. Who devised and set all the institutions including all the religions to devotedly judge anyone who wants to uncover the crime which lasts an entire era? They also preventively judge and eliminate all of those who could recognize and hear the Truth and be liberated by the Force of the Natural Law. Now we also know the following – neither the Matrix nor the human in the Matrix are a product of Consciousness and the Law of Nature.
Who created the Matrix and with what purpose?


Physical presence of the Mediator enables the transference of States, i.e., Zero Point Field. These States include: plasmatic medium (the body literally moves and is in the state as though it is in dense water); antigravity which penetrates through the entire body, energy impacts of the Zero Point Field Force, pressure (Total Compression), implosion, passing through all aggregate states, breakthrough of dimensional walls of the Matrix, Total Transformation. The Mediator's Body is the one that enables the physical installation on Earth, in space and other bodies, of the Quantum Biocomputer (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer) which is Superconsciousness.

Project OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology

Method One Training Procedure from its beginning, from the first encounter with the Mediator as well as all higher Phases, everything, has one goal – construction of the Human Body  –  OMANU Body, pure Crystal Body constructed out of Swastikas OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB). First Phases of the Procedure are intended for adapting the body to rotation and to Energy impacts of the Zero Point Field. During those procedures, flashes of images/visions regarding events in the Field and recognition of the Mediator are received. Also, insights about personal implantation are received, Matrix in the body and Matrix in general. Developing Phases entail extreme psychophysical and energetic preparation for facing the Matrix 24x7 and, in parallel, new abilities based on the genetic cypher and karma are unlocked. This strengthens the Will for the Breakthrough. Method One Procedures open the Heart Center. As the Heart is more open the body is more capable in receiving and conducting greater Force and Strength. The Zero Point enables limitlessness regarding the strength of the Swastika/Sonar of the Heart, so there is no limitation in so-called Phases. The Procedure is One without end. This One Procedure destroys the complete Matrix located in the body. Consequences are not known in advance.

Deimplantation of the body/space | The Body of Time and Space

Mediator Method One Modus Operandi

A call to the Heart for the Method One Training Procedure

This is a call to everyone who have seen that the Matrix system limits life, everyone who is searching for the solution in the sea of possibilities. To the ones who want to stop the slaughter of Dolphins and Whales, child molestation …, but do not know how. Rules of the Matrix are cruel, some pass much easier than others but in every case everyone loses: energy, health and in the end, life. The ones who write the rules do not live in the 3D matrix. We can call life karma or an occupation by another species or both. Method One is given for the Exit Out. DirectFromCenter speaks the Law of One. Method One is the knowledge of the Swastika. Training for direct problem solving and an energy impact on everything that mustn't exist, an energy investment into new and healthy.

Spatial pollution and recognizing the enemy field, understanding karma and exiting karmic actions. Generalization of everything is present today, establishment of a uniform global field, intentional genetic and national mixing – that is the Matrix method with the purpose of collapsing the original culture aimed towards easier control over bodies and awareness of humankind.

The Technological Field of the Heart

Programs are in some segments seemingly similar to the ones in that conducted in secret under the control of special institutions. This is a Matrix program. The difference is in the dimension. Method One Training Procedure is conducted exclusively in the Zero Point Field. Method One Technology is the Heart. Method One is the Technological Field of the Heart. Method One is the Technology of the Zero Point Field in the Now.

Who is Method One for?

Reader, if you have felt the urge (call) to register for the Method One Training Procedure, read the material once more for better understanding. Method One Training Procedure is the exit out of the Matrix and the Matrix is everything you know. There is no time to try out Method One as some new technique for self-help. Method One erases you and builds a completely new dimension of life as well as a New You inside it. Once again, the Method One Training Procedure is for the ones who want out from a world like this, not for the ones who want to have it better in this world.

Suma Sumarum

You are invited to DFC  (DFC Metafitness Base)  for the following reasons:

  – because for a long time the human doesn’t live in human bodies
  – because planet Earth is being ruled by those who forbid and exterminate the Human as well as Cetaceans
  – because DFC Metafitness Base is founded by the Mediator – the only one who can reclaim you to your body and renew the Memory
  – because the truth exists and it’s different from the one you know
  – because with the very acceptance of the truth and own transformation you open the possibility for changing the global condition.

Spherein Global Office

DFC – Information Intelligence Staff | WPI Global Security Office

The first informing about the possibilities of designing a new life. The Information Intelligence office has a mission to introduce all who are interested with the reality of the New Dimension, New Energy and Information Field, New Technology as well as with the most important product – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer who lives and conducts the New Reality.

The Human Body is the first and most important Technology for creating a New life and a New way. The information about the existence of technology that enables the complete transformation of the body on all levels, the reason for the transformation and finally the possibilities of such a transformed body are the most important for the decision to enter in the very procedure of such a training. The most important product is the HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER who provides the service of Information Intelligence. The Human Biocomputer is a Superconscious, Selfconscious and energetically complete being of the Open Heart and built abilities and values which surpass any known value. The approach to those who are not yet, but they would want to be, is the same. Such is his way of business.

Spherein is the first organization that implements the Universal Law and System in its business, and this means that it respects Life. Construction and training of the Human Biocomputer (according to the Phi principle) enables the creation of all segments of life according to that same principle. This opens the sectors which cover all segments of life, from architecture and construction, completely new technology, fashion design, art, education, sports to total medicine and knowledge about the body as well as the relation towards self and others, all acording to the Phi principle. The main principle is the principle of rotation, and it doesn't allow negligence of any of the mentioned segments. Here, the design of life is implemented in total.

Spherein Training Center

DFC Metafitness Base & Runic  Gym

There is no written rule on how to enter the Method One Training Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology). There is a clear sign which indicates if someone is ready and that he/she has accepted the call to the Heart. For some it will be during the Information Intelligence Procedure in the Spherein Office (DFC - Information Intelligence Staff), for others it will be the direct physical experience inside the Runic Gym (DFC Metafitness Base). Both ways are equally acceptable and equally correct because in the end, anyone who enters the procedure will pass and will be passing both. Runic Gym (DFC Metafitness Base) is a specially designed and equipped place ruled by the Law of the Zero Point Field. It's a Sphere where only the body, physical body begins to function according to higher laws. Runic Gym, as a place for first informing, is ideal for all those who overcome their blockages (mental, emotional, fears) easier with physical work. In this case that physical work is the direct experience of antigravity and practical application of the Law of One through movement in controlled conditions of the Field which are extreme. In these space conditions, just like the astronauts prepare to go to outer space, the body begins with the preparation and transformation in order to endure the pressure and conditions of the Zero Point Field which are extreme.

The Game of Transformation

Matrix Training for the Exit Out – Method One vs. Matrix – System vs. System

Important Disclaimer:

This Information is potentially and kinetically dangerous because it introduces a virtual game that is real. Physical entrance into the Game means the entrance into Quantum, into sectors of the Zero Point Field and that is the beginning of the Game.

Game Contractor

The Game is for the capable ones. The Game is the body. The Game is OMANU Technology.
The only one who is capable is the one constructing the Body. Capability is the constructed Body. Only the constructed body is capable. Capability is the construction of the Body. Rules of the Game (Rules of
Method One Training Procedure) – Rules of the Law of One – Rules of the Strategic game of Information Intelligence in the Zero Point Field called Entering the Runic System (read: The Law of One Jurisdiction - 4D Legal regulation of the Method One Training Procedure). This is the Technology of the 4D Training (Multidimensional Training). One Procedure. Superforce – Superconsciousness, Superpower Consciousness. Vril Training. One Game. Game of Vril. Game of Transformation. Information Intelligence Martial Art of Vril Power Concentration. Principles of entering into One – Breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. Method One Training Procedure is a virtual and a real Matrix Training. You enter the real one. At one level a moment will occur where the Procedure is applied into life. The 3D matrix is a virtual game. This is a 4D reality game. Descended into 3D. Transported into 3D. With this you enter the 3D matrix through Method One Law of One. Through the Training Procedure you are connected to the System. The Law of One gives You the System.

The more you scan, the more you gain. Scanning is gaming. Numerous attempts of attack on the body that carries Knowledge. The Mediator is the first One who leads the game way through the Black Sun.

The Game is a path of Transformation. When the Game begins, the Project has begun.

“I am the player of One and I’m looking for the One from the Zero Point’s position”

Method One – only way out – input/output – emergency exit.
The truth is only one – Method One – all are invited – 1 passes.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer!

DFC Metafitness Base | Human Biocomputer OMANU Space Center


This material is not intended to cause heavy, hopeless and bitter conditions. It's also not intended to cause fear. Everyone is getting really fed up with all of these conditions and there is no end to them, it's enough to look at the news on information portals or some documentary on exploitation of planet Earth, people, animals and the depiction of ecosystem as a result of all of this.

This material is inteded solely to cause that primordial reaction which the human has as an intelligent being and, with that, a clear sign is given that there is a way out of this injustice and unsustainability. This technology is nonviolent although we will intentionally use the word war because this is the information war against all the placed lies and lies are placed into each and every segment of existence and this is the war against all scientific solutions to the problem. Solutions which are not solutions. Method One (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) is the only way out.


Method One Scientific Training Procedure is not intended for healing yet for acquiring Physical Condition of the Zero Point Field and Superconsciousness. Health is a result of the transformation of the body and the breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. Open Heart and Superconsciousness should be the only motive for entering the Procedure.

The Mediator has brought the technology of transforming the body which is more advanced than the russian technologies and from the one applied by NASA for the training of astronauts. The body trained in the Method One Scientific Training Procedure is completely adapted to space conditions (it doesn't suffer in space, but the opposite). Such body survives in all conditions, assimilates what is in that dimension.

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