Reasons for accepting Method One Science and Technology (OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology) I

The Method One Scientific Training Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) is essential for global troubleshooting.

Today's technological capabilities and any further development of technology pushes the Earth into increasing consumption and irreversible pollution. Sound pollution, especially by sound below the audible level, is by far the greatest attack to life, and all modern technology strives accordingly. There is no possibility, because there is no field that is source, for the development of technology that has no consequences and which permanently does not exhaust some secondary source. Primary Source is not available. It doesn't exist. In response to this unsolvable problem comes Method One, which primarily opens the Zero Point Field, enabling the inexhaustible Primary Source and Primary Human Technology (OMANU). It's not an alternative, it's the only way for nature and the planet to survive.

Reasons for accepting Method One Science and Technology (OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology) II

For every impossibility, ignorance, and incompetence – the answer is Method One.

For every invention, technological achievement and "global" solution that never happens – the answer is Method One.

At this time of unreasonable destruction of the Earth and the Galaxy – the answer is radical Method One.

Is this reason enough to ask himself what knowledge and whose technology today's man is using?
Is today's state of life on planet Earth reason enough to pay attention to the Mediator and what is Method One? What kind of law and knowledge has been enacted?
Is that reason enough not to ignore the truth he speaks and shows? And far more because the Mediator gives a direct sense, state of knowledge and the ability to apply it immediately.
The reason is more than enough.

Facts about Method One

Method One is a direct transition to the Zero Point Field.

It is not a technique of self-development or self-dealing, it does not belong to the New Age or the "Old Age", it is originally a religion given to man by the Creator himself.

Our position is that in the 3D matrix field, development and self-development is not possible. All changes, from conception to death and everything in between are just a program that is not original. The consciousness that is development in the 3D matrix is ​​abolished and the living being is living a constraint of that deficit field. Method One is a procedure of breaking the energy - information barrier of the Matrix field and introducing the body into the original Zero Point Field. The described procedure indicates that the STATE of Superconsciousness or Absolute Knowledge is not mastered, not learned, not trained, …, because these are all manipulative methods that limit by selective and incomplete provision of information. The State of Superconsciousness is entered at once.

Knowledge and Technology Method One is superior to all because it is not subject to the laws and limitations of the 3rd dimension. It is not subject to the laws of any dimension because it springs from the very Center of the creation of everything. This information about the original way of functioning directs a person to his/her true relationship with everything, even with himself/herself.

As shocking and impossible as the information uttered from the Heart, it is true because it is uttered from the highest level of Consciousness, from the strongest Force.

Zero point and Zero Energy is the source energy and of course it exists. In the 3rd dimension it is incomprehensible and therefore impossible but in the Zero Point Field it is the only reality.

A 3rd dimensional body that is non-flowing and without energy, functioning at only 10% of its capacity, cannot pass the Zero Point Energy Force through itself. That’s why it doesn’t understand that energy at all.

The first step for humanity and the most important is the transformation / transition from the brain to the Heart (from 3D to the Absolute). It is the door of liberation.

The Heart dimension opens both the eyes and the ears, the brain, to all dimensions. It is not insensitive to any form of existence.

"Where there are corpses, there is no Dimension of the Heart." (Mediator)

Dimension of the Heart = immortality

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