Mission Statement

Spherein is the Universal provider of OMANU – Zero Point Field Science & Technology, Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology and Information Intelligence.

Spherein (and its operational divisions – DirectFromCenter - DFC and OMMIISS  – OMANU  Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System) is the Mediator’s central project empowered to present Method One – Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology & OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology with the mission of projecting, production, application and distribution of OMANU Technology and implementation of Method One Scientific Training Procedure. The goal is the construction of OMANU Human Body Biocomputer that breaks through the existing Matrix into the Zero Point Field.

Spherein is a completely independent and impartial organization that possesses OMANU – Knowledge and Technology of the Zero Point Field – Technology of the Universe. Spherein has the purpose and mission to educate and train individuals, organizations, governments for exiting out of personal and global crisis. In its work, Spherein does not support any party or nationalistic option. Before all, Spherein brings, conducts and introduces into the natural system of functioning of the Universe. 

It has been shown that every acceptance and initiation of Method One (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) at the state level brings the immediate and most efficient way of independence and functioning of the state. For safekeeping of impartiality and seriousness of such projects we do not mention names of individuals, organizations, states.  

Spherein has only one goal: Building a Human Being based on the Phi principle, a Body built out of Runes. This human being can achieve the vision of integrating a correct Runic structure in all segments of life – culture, art, politics, architecture, sport, medicine, science, technology.

Information brought to life on Spherein Network websites is Zero Point Field Information Intelligence and with this, our mission begins. A human being aware of the Swastika purifies the space around him or her. A civilization aware of the Swastika has a healthy planet.

Spherein is managed and controlled by the Mediator of the Zero Point Field, ZPF Officers (ZPF Conductors) and The Law of One which operates through the Mediator, ZPF Officers and the Field.

Multidimensionsal Method One, OMANU – Zero Point Field Science & Technology and Information Intelligence are the foundation of Spherein.

All technology obtained in the Zero Point Field is OMANU Technology = Information Intelligence.

Information Intelligence is the Technology of Work.

Operation area: global

Worldwide Offices: London | Barcelona | New York | Cannes | Zagreb

Websites:   www.directfromcenter.com | www.spherein.org | www.ommiissww.com

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